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Reclaimed Innocence - Inner-sense reclaimed Caroline Carey

Reclaimed Innocence - Inner-sense reclaimed

Caroline Carey

Published October 23rd 2013
Kindle Edition
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Caroline is a writer and shamanic / spiritual guide with over 25 years work in the healing arts. In her first book MsGuided Angel she wrote her own lifes history about overcoming abuse as a child, rearing her six children and becoming a teacher, healer and guide for others. She is a poet, a dreamer and a visionary. Reclaimed Innocence is her second book and is a poetic and meditative guide to healing our own inner-senses, as well as healing our relationships, through the simple art of communication & movement. Readers of Carolines work have been touched deeply, inviting her to share her work worldwide. I love to write and study the art of communication, in speaking from the heart and finding ways to acknowledge the innocent within us all. Always searching for more authentic ways in which to overcome our difficulties as humans. I write from my own experience in a way that I hope will assist others to be more authentic and honest. Reclaimed Innocence is a book created from these stories within my own relationship and my experiences of a shamanic and spiritual nature. I am endlessly soul searching for the way in which to expand my own heart and soul further in to the world- to look for the meaning in life from a spiritual point of view, yet grounded with a physical practice. I share my findings with others, whether through the books I write or the seminars, gatherings or workshops that I hold My work is an in-depth study of what it means to be within our changing times of consciousness. How can we communicate better and pay more attention to the voices inside us that are connected to our childhoods, from the souls of who we were born to be? I address shame, guilt, fear and jealousy to name but a few of the challenges we face. I believe that there is an awakening in the world, there are many more challenges to overcome in ways we may not have expected before. It is a time to connect deeply to the soul of humanity, listen to what is underneath the layers of conformity and share our wisdom with our communities. It is my believe that if we connect more deeply to our innocence, then we can find the most powerful way to heal the dysfunction in our world. What is really important in this day and age? How do we communicate better within our relationships? How do we encourage our children to not let go of their innocence too soon? How do we tap into our own innocence and allow it to be our guide? What does it mean to tap into traditional and ancient forms of our own indigenous culture? Can we accept our own vulnerability with honesty? Can we trust that we will be heard? When we overcome trauma in our lives, what are the gifts we may discover? Is our own innocence strongly connected to our eco-identity, our poetic and mytho identity that is our soul? Who are we?